In the heart of our program lies a profound belief: that by honoring and supporting our service men and women, we not only repay a debt of gratitude, but also pave a path towards healing and renewed joy in their lives. Together, we strive to be the bridge that connects heroes to their families, their well-being, and the beauty of life beyond service.

10KO is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Scott Smith

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Scott is the Founder and Chairman of the Board for 10KO. An enthusiastic outdoorsman and dedicated philanthropist, he is passionate about reconnecting military and veteran families together through nature.

Scott’s background includes fifteen years in sales, with eight years in management at companies including The Home Depot, Comcast, Scotts Miracle-Gro, and Cook’s Pest Control. Scott’s advocacy and work have led to the conservation of more than 200,000 acres and counting through more than 200 land easements. Scott holds a degree in Emergency Medical Services from Wallace State in Alabama.

He lives in Brooks, GA, a suburb of South Atlanta, and enjoys mudding, fishing, hunting, and anything outdoors. Scott has a passion for serving others and bringing happiness and nature to anyone who will listen.

Will Dykstra

Founder and Executive Director

Will, a Colorado native, lives by the motto “Family First” in all his outdoor adventures. With a degree in outdoor recreation, he’s been a professional hunting and fishing guide for a decade. His real passion lies in helping veterans and first responders find solace and healing in the outdoors, allowing them to put “Family First” in their lives. 

Will’s commitment is truly inspiring, driven by his deep respect for those who’ve served and his desire to make a positive impact on their well-being and family lives.

Monique Hilton

Community Engagement Manager

Monique is a vital force in our nonprofit. With a degree in graphic design, Monique combines her creativity and strategy to boost our branding, marketing, and events. Monique’s artistic vision and networking abilities are invaluable to our organization.

As a native of South Africa, she’s passionate about helping others experience the outdoors and knows firsthand the positive changes that can result from connecting with nature.

Mark Christopher

Vice Chairman

Forest Dykstra


Eric Zeeb