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Hunting for Veterans

10KO has access to property all across the country to hunt. The main headquarters for our hunts take place in Five Points, Alabama at the historic Rock Fence property.

The Rock Fence property was once the epicenter for turkey hunting, quail hunting, and deer hunting in Chambers County, Alabama. This incredibly unique property consists of over 400 acres of prime, turkey, and deer hunting habitat.

With camper hookups in addition to the unique train car style lodge, this property provides opportunities to camp in campers, tents, or bunk up in the lodge.

10KO hosts hunts in Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia, and Alabama. We’re also looking to grow to two other states to reach out to all of our heroes across the country.

Our hunts include, but are not limited to, dove, ducks, turkeys, deer, elk, and predator hunting.

In addition to the hunting activity, 10KO also demonstrates and educates how to process game in the field and cook it, to not only share the ultimate field-to-table experience but also to provide food for one’s family.

Our Recent Hunts

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